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Friday, August 29th

Betty Wheeler
Hudson Owens
Edwin Reeves
Bryan Southerland
Holly Bassham
Chad Asumcion
Paul Nelson
Kristina Lofton
Andrew Barnes
Barbara Benard
Janelle French
Hattie Mae Weaver
Portia Robertson
Cambria Jackson
Olander Smith
Ladarvius Lee
Rose Franklin
JoAnn Davis
Linda Brewer
Jewell Withers
Mary Bennett
Martha Hunter
Cedrick Turner
Cambria Jackson
Louise George
Caren Brisco
Helen Pendleton Jr.
Dereannna Hull


Mr & Mrs Allen Perry
Forrest & Quinlock Rooks

Saturday, August 30th

Ashley Walker
Chelle Allen
Maci Aldridge
Nancy Mattox
Sandy Tate
Julie Washburn
Margie McCollum
Erin Wright
Jala Lane
Jason Williams
Ann Sorrels
Barbara Dottson
Anthony Conley
Jackie Erving
Amanda Smith
Rick Holt
Alexander Dean
Elijah Hindleton


Sambo & Suzanne Oswalt

Sunday, August 31st

Charles Warren
Nariah Coleman
Keaton Sandage
Charles D. France
Lee Henderson Jr.
Beatrice Henderson
Teresa Howell
LaDorra McDaniel
Dewayne Waterfoot
Mary Ann Detner
Edwina Jones
Cassie Buckingham
Hester Turner


Mr & Mrs Lynn McGuire
Rose & Jarred Lee
Oscar & Cilvia Childs

Monday, September 1st

Laura Cadwell
Richard Cupples
Phillip West
Grady Collum
Linda Bline
Matthew Parson
Blair Russell
Wendy Graham
Wendy Roberts
Ricky Mathes
Kim Aldridge
Glenn Ramsey
Benjamin Alford
Eric Richards


Mr & Mrs Jack Hawkins

Tuesday, September 2nd

Danise Murphy
Jenifer Latham
Jillian Tucker
Ottaline Wilson
Madison Sipes
Maddie Viper
Kane Carpenter
Colton Chapman



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